Dungeons & Dragons Valentines

Oh man, I have a real treat for you tabletop gamers out there today! Here’s my collection of Valentine messages for the D&D gamer in your life. Feel free to use these with my blessing and have a nerdy Valentine’s Day. <3

Cool Cubes

I had a dream last night in which I pitched a new product called Cool Cubes to my college marketing class. I’ve been out of college for quite some time now, and I think that a dream about hocking product to a bunch of classmates means the dream part of my brain is mad at me right now. Nonetheless, it was memorable for me to want to write some of it down and analyze it here.

Go Furl Yourself

This morning I attempted to use the word furl in a sentence. The phrase I intended was “to furl my eyebrows”. I was chatting online with friends. These are smart friends who would already know what “furl” means. I didn’t want to appear preverbal, so I performed a quick search online just to ensure I was using it properly. I suppose I was not disappointed.

Glossaree #19

thigh·bra·tion / THī’brāSH(ə)n/  n (thighbrations, thighbrating v inf, thighbrate v) 1) A phantom sensation one experiences on occasion after prolonged exposure to a cellular phone that is carried in a pants pocket, and configured such that it vibrates to indicate alarm or notification.

Massachusetts Names for Days

Do you live in a town that shares the same name as you? Are you Linda from Linda, Ohio? (I don’t think there’s a real place called Linda, Ohio… There should be, though!)

Glossaree #18

ple·si·o·tude / ‘plēsēət(y)o͞od / n (plesiotudes, plesiotudinal adj, plesiotudinally adv) 1) An act of keeping up appearances in order to appear at parity with one’s neighbors.

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