ple·si·o·tude / ‘plēsēət(y)o͞od / n (plesiotudes, plesiotudinal adj, plesiotudinally adv) 1) An act of keeping up appearances in order to appear at parity with one’s neighbors.Read More →

I don’t drink alcohol. That’s not a proclamation or some sort of loaded value statement. I just never really liked it.Read More →

hock·le / ‘häk(ə)l / v (hockled, hockling) 1) To rally or admonish or otherwise holler at the players in a sporting event with the (delusional) expectation that any of them can hear you. 2) To holler during a sporting event simply to prove to nearby fans that your zeal and patronage for the game is strong.Read More →

It was a cool night under clear skies in the city. The waning essence of steamed trash accumulated on street corners indicated the beginning of autumn. The recent billowing of the shirts and pants of the youth into a style that is most often described as “parachute” indicated the beginning of the nineties. Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo were on a mission to find new makeshift quarter pipes for skateboarding, new pizza places willing to deliver to shadowy figures in a nearby phone booth, and new back alleys for sparring with deadly weapons.Read More →

I greatly enjoy watching matches of Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite (MvCI) on YouTube. It’s entertaining with its bright colors while I eat at my desk between more purposeful endeavors. This interest of mine started because I loved Marvel VS Capcom 2 (MvC2) back in the day (over 15 years ago, in fact). This game is a spiritual successor to that title, but very different in most aspects. One thing they have in common is Spiderman as a playable character. And I have some thoughts about that…Read More →