I don’t drink alcohol. That’s not a proclamation or some sort of loaded value statement. I just never really liked it.Read More →

I greatly enjoy watching matches of Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite (MvCI) on YouTube. It’s entertaining with its bright colors while I eat at my desk between more purposeful endeavors. This interest of mine started because I loved Marvel VS Capcom 2 (MvC2) back in the day (over 15 years ago, in fact). This game is a spiritual successor to that title, but very different in most aspects. One thing they have in common is Spiderman as a playable character. And I have some thoughts about that…Read More →

I’m probably that person in the focus group that annoys the hell out of everyone else trying to get work done. The eye rolls and sighs and shrugs are passive indicators that suggest I might be reading too much into things, or waxing social activism where it isn’t needed. I rebut that you want me in the focus group primarily because I’m not a groupthinker, and you may have never considered half of the prattle that comes out of my mouth at such a discussion. What can I say? It’s a talent.Read More →

I was playing Pinball on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) the other night, and realized how unrelated it was to virtually all other titles available at the time. Going forward, Nintendo declined to make any other in-house titles like Pinball, either borrowing any design or mechanics of the original. Therefore I hypothesize that the NES Pinball game was made by a group of developers in early 80’s Japan, who could be considered quite analogous to the Freemasons of the western world.Read More →

I rent a house with another person. We split the rent. It’s a nice location close to some nice parts of the city and close enough to work just over the state border. The house itself is aging and in need of some renovations. Our landlady brought in some painters. I mention all this, because I had already drafted an essay that sort of discussed privilege, but I scrapped the entire thing after meeting these painters.Read More →

If I could have a superhero special ability, I would love to be able to exactly measure anything without needing measuring implements. (This is not actually true. The best special ability would be able to read people’s thoughts. But then, you already knew that, if you have this special ability.) Imagine being able to look straight up and instantly know the height of a building, or anyone’s exact weight and height or even age, or how fast that jerk was going who blew past you on the highway, or exactly how hot that burrito is before you attempt to eat itRead More →

Smoking may be bad, but bullying is worse. It’s true that both smoking and bullying can be products of one’s upbringing and environment. The difference, I argue, is that smoking manifests as an addiction, a vice, a series of habits and compulsions, and can be very difficult to quit. Bullying, however, is the product of a bad attitude and a lack of self-awareness, which can be remedied at any time if the bully wakes up and takes action.Read More →