Revolutionary “It’s the revolutionary diet that’s taking the country by storm!” To break it down, revolutionary is an adjective that indicates the presence of a revolution. A revolution is either a completed cycle of a process or object, such as the wheels on your car, measured in RPM – revolutions per minute. But, in the above example, no one suspects the meaning is that dieting has completed a lap around anything.Read More →

Follow Up “I’ll follow up with you in a few weeks, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions!” If you use this verb phrase, then you must be a salesperson. You’re soliciting something to a party that wasn’t interested in solicitations. You made your sales pitch. It probably didn’t work, as you haven’t heard anything back yet. So in your initial pitch, you tossed out that lifeline comment about following up.Read More →

Very “I thought the book was very captivating.” This is a parasitic adverb that reduces the effectiveness of following adjectives. It also tends to dilute the gradient of emphasis towards subjects described in the world today. It’s like there is no middle ground for emphasis anymore. It’s all or nothing.Read More →