It was a cool night under clear skies in the city. The waning essence of steamed trash accumulated on street corners indicated the beginning of autumn. The recent billowing of the shirts and pants of the youth into a style that is most often described as “parachute” indicated the beginning of the nineties. Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo were on a mission to find new makeshift quarter pipes for skateboarding, new pizza places willing to deliver to shadowy figures in a nearby phone booth, and new back alleys for sparring with deadly weapons.Read More →

The London Quarterly Review experienced a substantial readership for nearly fifty years, finally shuttering at the turn of the 20th century. One of its earliest achievements was securing an exclusive interview with one of the illustrious Brontë sisters, the eldest, Charlotte Brontë, only a few weeks before her death in 1855. Literary historians and biographers have suggested that the writer of such seminal masterpieces as Jane Eyre et al had begun to lose some of her mental and social faculties as early as in her late thirties, due to complications from exhaustion and disease. She died tragically at age 38 with an unborn child. ARead More →

Here’s an anecdote I don’t mind sharing with everyone. I have been putting off getting eyeglasses for years. Really, it’s been about 17 years since I last saw an optometrist, got a prescription, and never followed through to get glasses. Technically, these would be distance glasses (for nearsightedness), and they’re not absolutely required. Today I had the opportunity to see an optometrist again, and the price and convenience of the appointment was so good it was impossible to pass it up.Read More →

The wedding was a success. The reception is winding down on a summer afternoon. The bride and her best friend, her “man of honor” stole away for a hot minute at the venue’s balcony outside, just beyond the ballroom.Read More →

In the late twentieth century there was a children’s program called “Captain Planet”. It portrayed the saga of five children summoned from around the world and tasked with thwarting the malicious intentions of the planet’s more ardent ecological offenders.Read More →

Faffneyr was a legendary dragon cursed with clumsiness. The tale goes that he was considered a trophy for a valiant warrior should he bring back this dragon’s head to the throne…Read More →