Get a leaking hot tub or jacuzzi. (You might be able to get one for free, because replacing a ripped liner can be expensive, and the owner would rather just get rid of it). Turn it into a ball pit, you know, like you fondly remember playing in when you were a kid. Unlike an actual hot tub or jacuzzi, the ball pit requires minimal maintenance. Heck, you can probably clean out and repurpose and old dumpster for the same purpose! Enjoy it for a lifetime.Read More →

Follow your dreams, even if others think you’re out of your mind. Be as committed to a dream as the person who said: “I’m going to make a giant teacup that you sit in. Then, I’ll spin you around in it while you watch other people in other giant teacups spin around and get nauseated too.” That person’s insane wildest dream became a reality after a lot of commitment. Let’s go barf all over ourselves in a giant teacup!Read More →

Go to a public building with a large restroom and multiple stalls on a busy day. Bring a See ‘N Say with you into one of the stalls. Make a few occasional grunting, panting, and struggling sounds, as though you’re working on a real doozy of a BM. Also intersperse your noises with the assorted barnyard noises of your childhood toy. Go ahead and leave patrons in the other stalls marveling and guessing at what’s going on in there.Read More →

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies or congestion in general? When you’re really congested, get yourself into a hot shower or park your face in a vaporizer until you’re ready to “decongest”. Select one nostril by plugging the other one and attempt to fire off a snot rocket. Here comes the fun part: Think of your snot rocket as Punxsutawney Phil, the fabled critter responsible for Groundhog Day each year. If you are unable to dislodge anything after exhaling with focused pressure, then you’re in for six more weeks of winter. But if you successfully launch your snot rocket freeRead More →

Restore or upcycle something being discarded. Make something lovely out of material no one else wanted. Challenge yourself and try to make something you’ve never made before and didn’t think you could. That way, in the event the project doesn’t work out the way you’ve planned, you won’t feel ashamed to discard that which was already discarded. But if it does turn out satisfactory, or even wonderful, then you’ve now learned that you’re capable of more than you thought you were. Self-efficacy and creativity feels really good.Read More →

Get yourself a whiffle ball bat. You’ll notice that these bats always have a small hole at its base from where it was removed from the blow molding manufacturing, and the bat itself is hollow and lightweight. On a beautiful, sunny day, hold that blow-molded hole against flowing water, such as from a garden hose or a faucet, and allow the inside of the whiffle ball bat to fill with water. Once full, hold the bat by the other end while keeping the base of the bat elevated. I still testify that a whiffle ball bat makes the best waterRead More →

Enter “#streetart” in any decent image search engine or social media platform. Enjoy the independent and creative marvels of our world brothers and sisters. Refresh and repeat often. There’s always room for more art in our lives.Read More →