ple·si·o·tude / ‘plēsēət(y)o͞od / n (plesiotudes, plesiotudinal adj, plesiotudinally adv) 1) An act of keeping up appearances in order to appear at parity with one’s neighbors.Read More →

hock·le / ‘häk(ə)l / v (hockled, hockling) 1) To rally or admonish or otherwise holler at the players in a sporting event with the (delusional) expectation that any of them can hear you. 2) To holler during a sporting event simply to prove to nearby fans that your zeal and patronage for the game is strong.Read More →

xug·ger / ‘zəɡər / n (xuggers) 1) An item required for a complete list or set, but difficult to include because of some otherwise prohibitive rule or lack of options. 2) Something that should fit logically but can’t, due to a minor technicality.Read More →

con·stel·lar / kän’stelər / adj 1) Describing someone or something indirectly, using several disparate points such that the points form the outline. 2) Describing an experience in such rich language and multiple anecdotes that the reader or listener feels like he/she was a part of that experience.Read More →

nick·let / nik’lit / n (nicklets) A given name that is commonly supplanted by its common nickname, even though the named person has not indicated he/she would like to be called by any nickname.Read More →

fis·sess / fiz’ses / v (fissessed, fissessing) To end an obsession; To stop thinking about something or someone that was previously the greatest consideration of one’s thoughts. To get over something or someone and move on.Read More →

sheet·fee·der / ‘shētfēdər / n (sheetfeeders) Nominative given to a person who will participate in romantic activities under bed sheets with the subject, such as to expend or “feed” energy to the bed sheets and make them warm. The distinction of this term versus a hook-up is that it does not imply that sex will occur, rather it implies merely romantic company to an otherwise lonely occupancy of a bed.Read More →