“Anthony amuses himself greatly by going in to the candle store at the mall and farting. He ate three bean burritos in the food court exactly 15 minutes ago. Each bean burrito increases the frequency of his flatulence by a compounded proportion of 1.21x every additional 15 minutes. He has now been lurking in the candle store for exactly 30 minutes. With a standard resting fart rate of one per three minutes, how many more minutes until somebody in the store notices this behavior? Due to the pushing and straining to achieve his purpose, how many minutes before Anthony crapsRead More →

“Sally found a chicken nugget wedged in the seat of her car, and is deciding whether or not she should eat it. She knows that each additional day that nugget spent stuck behind her rear-end it became 3.2x more putrescent than the day before. On the first day of negligence, 14 million new bacterial spores infested the nugget’s surface. How many bacterial spores did Sally eat on day 6? On day 31?”Read More →