While doing some initial layout and edits for the upcoming Haikuna Matata, I learned that some of the haikus I had written for the book were not songs written in the 90’s, but were in fact released in 1988-1989 (or 1975, in the case of Queen. Thanks, Wayne’s World). While these haikus have now been scrapped from the book of 90’s haikus, I decided to post them here as sort of retrospective bonus web content to Xanaku.Read More →

Jake Spencer has a carbon footprint! My friend Adam recently opened Bromance Warehouse here in greater Providence, Rhode Island, and he kindly merchandised my Unsolicited Advice postcards and some of my books. All books are signed by yours truly.Read More →

Roam – The B-52’s (1989) “Take it hip to hip. Rocket through the wilderness”, Means “Stick it in me”.Read More →

Straight Outta Compton – NWA (1988) Straight outta Compton, With layovers in Newark And Cincinnati.Read More →

Paradise City – Guns N Roses (1987) The city’s backed up Well beyond Headache Highway. I can’t take you there.Read More →

Miami Vice Theme – Jan Hammer (1985) Miami Vice theme: For when “business casual” Means “sleeveless pastel”.Read More →

How Soon Is Now – The Smiths (1984) I am human and I need to be fed and burped. Oh, and also loved.Read More →