Massachusetts Names for Days

Do you live in a town that shares the same name as you? Are you Linda from Linda, Ohio? (I don’t think there’s a real place called Linda, Ohio… There should be, though!)

This isn’t much of an essay as it is a list of reference for anyone interested. The other day I pondered just how many cities/towns/municipalities in Massachusetts have common people names. It felt like a lot. Then I looked up a list of all said locales. It turns out it is a lot, pretty much. Maybe one day I’ll research this trend and get counts for other states. I probably won’t do that. But if you are interested in doing as such, please enjoy the below list of cities/towns/municipalities in Massachusetts with people names. I’ll admit, some of these are a stretch, but I argue they should all be counted. Enjoy!

  • Ashley Falls
  • Beverly
  • Bradford
  • Chelsea
  • Chester
  • Clinton
  • Dalton
  • Dennis
  • Douglas
  • Dudley
  • Everett
  • Florence
  • Franklin
  • Gill
  • Hampton
  • Heath
  • Holden
  • Lawrence
  • Lee
  • Lynn
  • Marion
  • Otis
  • Russell
  • Sharon
  • Shirley
  • Spencer
  • Webster

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