Glossaree #17

hock·le / ‘häk(ə)l / v (hockled, hockling)

1) To rally or admonish or otherwise holler at the players in a sporting event with the (delusional) expectation that any of them can hear you.
2) To holler during a sporting event simply to prove to nearby fans that your zeal and patronage for the game is strong.

[Modern English portmanteau: “hockey” (a certain game of sport), “heckle” (to interrupt a speech). In hockey, specifically, it is most unlikely the players can hear anyone in the stands given the acoustics of the indoor dome, the volume of people making other ambient noises, and most importantly the Plexiglas separating them from the fans.]

“In case you didn’t think the guy next to us in these nosebleed seats is hockling just to piss us all off, I think his face paint seals the deal.”

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