Well, this page will likely be under construction forever, but here goes:

Ahem, my name is Jake Spencer, how do you do? Over the last few years I finally gathered the self-confidence to try and complete some of the many ideas and drafts and other scraps of paper I’ve been stockpiling for years. Short stories, some poetry, some autobiographical, but all in all just simple, enjoyable light reading. From what I can discern we live in the greatest age ever to seize our own creative destiny with numerous outlets for self-publishing, forums to give your art a voice on the web, and social networking for casual presentation. It’s a great time to be as formal or capricious with your creative works as you’d like to be.

Slowly I am networking and collaborating with great friends and wonderful talents in many fields of writing and illustration. I am a huge fan of teamwork. If you like my work, please feel free to contact me and tell me your story, and maybe we can collaborate on a future project. By the way, Jake Spencer is a pseudonym, if you must know. One of the reasons I prefer this pen name is the ambiguity of the role it allows. To me, Jake Spencer is akin to Monty Python, which was the name of a collaborative comedy powerhouse, and not actually some guy named Monty. It’s a team lift, and the creative input of others makes Jake Spencer possible.

Writing is not my career, it is my hobby. I would not choose to write if it ever felt like work. Creativity is so often killed by deadlines and the projections of what others want your work to be. That being said, there are plenty of great ideas out there waiting to coalesce into something real, and anyone can do it if you simply realize and understand the available tools that are hiding in plain sight.

Anyway, I humbly present to you my living scrapbook of all things Jake. Keep in touch!

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