Higher Learning in America’s Crotch (2011)


It’s still the same country, right? The premise was simple… Head down South for twelve months to complete an accelerated graduate studies program, and then return back up North and find a more gainful career. In the meantime, save a bunch of money by going to a place where everything including college costs way less, and maybe have a few adventures along the way. How hard can all that be? “Higher Learning in America’s Crotch” is a story about finding purpose and understanding where everyone you know has never thought to look. It embraces the fun of casual observation and people-watching, without trying to pass judgment or denounce different lifestyles. If you’ve never been to the Bible Belt, and you think you know why not, then consider giving this a read and maybe you’ll think again. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s one hell of a trip.

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