xug·ger / ‘zəɡər / n (xuggers) 1) An item required for a complete list or set, but difficult to include because of some otherwise prohibitive rule or lack of options. 2) Something that should fit logically but can’t, due to a minor technicality.Read More →

I’m probably that person in the focus group that annoys the hell out of everyone else trying to get work done. The eye rolls and sighs and shrugs are passive indicators that suggest I might be reading too much into things, or waxing social activism where it isn’t needed. I rebut that you want me in the focus group primarily because I’m not a groupthinker, and you may have never considered half of the prattle that comes out of my mouth at such a discussion. What can I say? It’s a talent.Read More →

con·stel·lar / kän’stelər / adj 1) Describing someone or something indirectly, using several disparate points such that the points form the outline. 2) Describing an experience in such rich language and multiple anecdotes that the reader or listener feels like he/she was a part of that experience.Read More →

While doing some initial layout and edits for the upcoming Haikuna Matata, I learned that some of the haikus I had written for the book were not songs written in the 90’s, but were in fact released in 1988-1989 (or 1975, in the case of Queen. Thanks, Wayne’s World). While these haikus have now been scrapped from the book of 90’s haikus, I decided to post them here as sort of retrospective bonus web content to Xanaku.Read More →

“Anthony amuses himself greatly by going in to the candle store at the mall and farting. He ate three bean burritos in the food court exactly 15 minutes ago. Each bean burrito increases the frequency of his flatulence by a compounded proportion of 1.21x every additional 15 minutes. He has now been lurking in the candle store for exactly 30 minutes. With a standard resting fart rate of one per three minutes, how many more minutes until somebody in the store notices this behavior? Due to the pushing and straining to achieve his purpose, how many minutes before Anthony crapsRead More →

nick·let / nik’lit / n (nicklets) A given name that is commonly supplanted by its common nickname, even though the named person has not indicated he/she would like to be called by any nickname.Read More →